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"Gift Cards" means a physical Gift Card or an E-Gift Card
"Card" means a physical Gift Card or an E-Gift Card
"PICTUREDROME ELECTRIC THEATRE COMPANY LTD." the owner company of the following cinemas, trading as: - Century Cinema, Plaza Cinema, Carlton Cinema, Maxime Cinema, Picturedrome Cinema, Palace Cinema, Gaumont Cinema and Luxe Cinema.
"PICTUREDROME CINEMA" means any cinema owned & operated by Picturedrome Electric Theatre Company Ltd
"Terms" means these Terms and Conditions
"Transaction" means a debit or credit to the card value 
"Balance" means the cash value held against the gift card

1.     General Information

1.1     Gift Cards can be redeemed at any PICTUREDROME CINEMA and online (subject to website terms and conditions).
1.2     They may be exchanged for goods of a higher price than the face value of the card on payment of the difference.
1.3     Gift Cards can not be exchanged for cash.
1.4     Gift Cards can be purchased with a minimum value of £2.50 and have a maximum value of £100

2.     Balance & Expiry 

2.1     Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from the last transaction. After 12 months from the last transaction, any remaining balance will be cancelled.
2.2     Balance enquiries can be obtained by contacting one of the participating PICTUREDROME CINEMA.
2.3     If you do not spend the entire balance, the remaining balance will be updated after each transaction.

3.     Liability

3.1     Gift Cards should be treated as cash. They are not cheque guarantee, credit or charge cards.
3.2     PICTUREDROME ELECTRIC THEATRE COMPANY LTD. will not accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged cards.
3.3     PICTUREDROME ELECTRIC THEATRE COMPANY LTD. reserves the right to amend the Terms of Gift Cards at any time and to take appropriate action, including cancellation of the card, if, in it's discretion, it deems such action neccassary. This does not affect your legal rights.

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